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Joshua Muvengeranwa is the founder and Managing Director of Zontanos Travel & Safari, a travel company founded on the spirit of genuine service and experience. Sharing these unmatched experiences in Zimbabwe and Africa has been a lifelong passion which he turned into a career. After spending time along the Mediterranean coastlines in Cyprus he returned to Zimbabwe to established Zontanos Travel & Safari with the purpose of illuminating and creating memorable experiences for global travellers from all walks of life.

At Zontanos we are passionate about delivering memorable service: We achieve this by bringing our guests closer to authentic African experiences in remote areas and by sharing income streams with the local communities. After all, conserving the land is what is needed in Africa to ensure that rural communities have the necessary incentives to protect wildlife.

We are committed to the development of tourism through sustainable engagement: Around 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity can be found on only 5% of the earth’s crust. The key to continued species diversity on the planet is to be found in the sustainable protection of this 5% – the areas known as environmental “hotspots”. These are the areas of extremely high species diversity that are found nowhere else on earth.

The core philosophy of Zontanos Travel and Safari is to run a good business ensuring that Zimbabwe and Africa’s most pristine wildernesses, wildlife areas, and cultural heritage remain sustainably protected, whilst delivering a great experience for our guests and fair returns for shareholders and stakeholders. Zontanos Travel and Safari must help protect and nurture these wild places and our environmental hotspots. The benefits of sustainable tourism through this model include dividends, cash, jobs, training, and community upliftment. Our guest experience is of paramount importance to us and so we pride ourselves in being creative and innovative for our guests’ benefit.

Our Managing Director Josh is a seasoned traveller and has a BA in Travel and Tourism Management and has used and continues to use his experience to craft magical experiences for guests from all over the world, as the needs of the modern traveller are more nuanced and addressing them requires attention to detail.

Seasoned travellers are very particular when it comes to what they want to experience. This is a very important question that requires dedication, passion and innovation to answer. For that reason, we are here, inspired by our guests.


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